- Resolve your difficult line item questions.

- Issue supportive legal and factual opinions to develop, preserve and prevail on
   legal, accounting and reporting issues.

- Elevate your business and professional appearance, credentials and credibility.  You
   receive this automatically by publicly announcing and posting you’re an Affiliate.
   Now project how much more benefit you’ll enjoy as you use our other resources.

- Develop your clients’ business plans, focusing on legal structure and tax issues.

- Advise your clients how to avoid business and financial risks.

- Identify and resolve business and financial risks revealed in client returns or
   financial statements.

- Advise and assist you during audits, and if you are not eligible or authorized to
   represent the taxpayer at audit, or not comfortable handling it we can even insulate
   you by handling the audit if you and your client want us to.

- Identify and preserve your clients’ rights, such as how, why and when you must
  select and request any of the myriad types of IRS administrative appeals including
   audit appeals, CDP appeals & other critical deadlines so your clients don’t lose
   their rights, even when your office is fully committed to your other return
   preparation responsibilities and due dates.

- Service long term non-filers.

- Address the serious questions that accompany you effort to try to bring taxpayers
   into filing and payment compliance as you submit batches of returns for long term
   non-filers and the steps that need to be taken to reserve their important rights under
   the federal law.

- Resolve your clients’ tax and other legal challenges when the matters are not within
   your spectrum of services or when you simply can’t take time away from your
   other responsibilities.

- Secure your position in your EITC due diligence returns.

- Avoid the heavy handed preparer penalties that the IRS can now apply.

- Penalties that are heavy enough to put you out of business.

- Address tax preparation issues that are outside of the scope of your normal services.

- Avoid or respond to the IRS forming a negative disposition about you - especially
   when it is reviewing similar entries on multiple returns.

- Address unreported income issues that arise and which include legal issues and
   protections such as 5th amendment rights, which are issues only a lawyer can

- Address all the issues when a taxpayer blames you for everything under the sun.

- Service clients whose records are not complete and which are substantively

- Address and resolve §183 “hobby loss” assertions?

- Defend you in IRS due diligence investigations or return preparer penalty

- Enhance your due diligence procedures and help you protect yourself and your

- Avoid or resolve your real or potential conflict of interest challenges.

- Service or avoid high risk taxpayers.

- Advising you as you service taxpayers with undisclosed income.
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