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TAXPAYERS VOICE® NETWORK Affiliate’s Commitment.
1) Help your clients identify all available deductions and credits that apply to them and to
   accurately and effectively report them.

2) Help your clients understand that most previous audits can be "re-opened," to change
   and correct inaccurate or improper results, in a number of ways.

3) Help your clients identify and explore tax law rights and protections that may apply to
   their personal and family circumstances.

4) Help your clients who have IRS delinquencies understand that it is in their favor to
   address and resolve their delinquency sooner than later because the cumulative weight
   of added penalties, interest, wage and bank levies and filing federal tax liens can be
   overwhelming, if not excessive and abusive.

5) Help your clients understand that tax delinquencies have a tendency to "snow ball" on
   people and that there is a sensible, successful way to correct it and to reserve and
   preserve their rights as a taxpayer.

6) Help your clients understand that the federal law grants them rights and protections so
   they are not crushed by the IRS Collection Machine.

7) Help your clients understand that the federal law recognizes that serious or permanent
   medical challenges suffered by a taxpayer or a family member should relieve taxpayers
   of certain tax payment responsibilities.

8) Help refer clients and matters that are outside of the spectrum of services that you offer,
TAXPAYERS VOICE ®  NETWORK so they can explore their rights and put them
   into action.

9) To distribute to your clients information and documents dedicated to achieving he
   above and which is provided by the

10) Help your clients understand that their assumptions about their tax related rights are
     usually wrong and that there is a wealth of rights and benefits, substantive and
     procedural, that should be explored in virtually every circumstances.
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